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 Spurs 2016 odds: San Antonio heavy Game 2 favorite vs. depleted Memphis View all 16 stories MLS keeps selling their fan experience while being more anti-fan by the day.

Want Backheel Breakfast in Mut 20 coins your inbox?Sign up for the email version here.If you're in the habit of heading into MLS games after work or school -- or just sneaking in some drinks so you don't get gouged at the concession stand -- you are now very much out of luck.

The league has "updated" its security measures in order to make sure games are played in a "safe environment," which are code words for "make sure they don't get sued if someone acts like a huge dickhead and injures people." In any event, you can't bring any bag except for a small purse into games anymore. 

Even small purses will be cheap Madden nfl 20 coins searched. You're going to be asked to submit to a pat-down, though they can't make you do that.Larger bags were already being searched and metal detecting wands were already in use, so this isn't making anyone safer.

 And while it's understandable that MLS wants its security to mirror that of the events with the most stringent security measures in order to reduce liability, this is also part of a pattern of treating fans in a way that approaches contempt

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