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August 27 is less than one month of summer. That isn't a"Classic Summer" that is"Releasing Classic at Summer". The gold wow classic Blizzard lies have already started! Did they have a lot of streamers visit Blizzard HQ? This is about advertising. Blizzard use it as advertising and would rather have a beta then they are focused on releasing WoW Classic. 

Streamers aren't invited by you to Blizzard HQ for insect identification or a pressure test, you do it. Weall're literally being hauled back from enjoying that Blizzard can get free advertising and build hype. This is just like with their expansions they do precisely the same thing.

The late August date has been Blizzard trying to insure that players who still play contemporary WoW Classic will be busy. Since 8.2 is unofficially estimated to get an early July release, which will give players nearly two months to receive a lot of content done from the 2 new zones, two new dungeons, and fresh raid.

 Plus, the beta lasts a few months. I am frustrated that people need an active subscription for Beta. I am a WoW Classic Vanilla veteran... I have my sacred priest sitting in her tier 3 and Benediction on her character sheet. I would be a fantastic candidate to cheapest wow classic gold test my previous experience being considered by Vanilla . Oh well. I am excited about getting a couple of old timers out of back to come and play with me! Have they declared names??

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