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Date & time Nov 9
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We could attend RuneFest this past year and were blown away by OSRS gold just what a fun and welcoming atmosphere there's around RuneScape and its fanbase. This was just a couple of weeks 

before Jagex started Old School RuneScape (Free) on mobile, which we totally loved in our review. Well now we are about a year from that launch and another RuneFest is at the novels, and there was a bit of news which came from the event 

of this year.

First off is a new Archeology ability announced for RuneScape appropriate, the first brand new ability to be added to the Buy Rs gold match in four decades and the 28th skill all around. Archeologists are going to be able to excavate at dig sites 

all over the planet of understanding ancient relics, weapons, and Gielinor of the game. 

Afterward there will be a new ranch called The Ranch Out of Time where gamers will be able to"raise, farm and nurture monstrous Gielinorian 

dinosaurs." Perhaps the announcement though was that RuneScape Mobile will be launching access before the year's end.

This client is going to be the full version of RuneScape and will allow for cross-platform play between desktop and mobile in addition to seamless progress. RuneScape Mobile will even feature a new UI constructed for the touchscreen that 

you can see in the screenshots below. 

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