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ylq Oct 5
The rain, falling down drop by drop, crystal clear, in my opinion, it is really cold, these days have been raining! I reached out and took a few drops of rain. Maybe it was still in the cold season. The rain was so cold that I couldn��t help but shudder. I walked to the bus station and watched the pedestrians coming and going on the road, crowded pedestrians, colorful umbrellas, pedestrians rushing in a hurry, a few haze entangled in my heart, I could not help but feel gloomy. This is really a city that is coming and going... The rainy days are really sentimental! A few minutes later, the bus came, and the wheels passed through several small beaches, splashing a lot of water Newport Cigarettes. The cold rain hit the cheeks, making my nerves more tense, my head calmer and more sober. Sitting on the bus, I seem to feel colder around. Looking at it, the people in the car are different. These people of different classes and different identities in the society have middle-aged women dressed in grace, young and beautiful white-collar women, young people in suits, and a thick cloth. The farmers in Mai, the trendy girls who dress up in fashion, and the students in school uniforms like me... The car is silent, so quiet that they can only hear each other��s heartbeat, but I don��t know why, I don��t feel the temperature. Can not touch the warmth of goodwill. People are still silent, brushing the entire car with a thick gray color Marlboro Lights, dark shades, making people chilling. The long silence is like centuries. The car stood up, and a little boy came up Cheap Cigarettes, about 10 years old, wearing a crumpled and worn out clothes, his skin was as dry as a bark, dark yellow, and faintly blue. He is thin and thin, and he is so thin that he still remembers his eyes. There is no such thing as a child of that age, but through the dark-skinned people, I saw strength. The boy was struggling and clumsy to carry a box of mineral water and slowly walked into the car. When he got to the middle of the car, he put down the box of mineral water in his hand, took a piece of paper from the backpack behind him, spread it on the ground, and said in a nearly pleading tone: "You good people help me! I I am ten years old. When I was 2 years old, my parents passed away. Now I am left alone. By selling old products for a living, now I have a heart attack and need 20,000 yuan for the consultation. The money is not enough. Please help me with good people!" This paper reads the life of the little boy and the sign of the Red Cross. The boy then said in a less authentic Mandarin: "I am going to sell mineral water, two dollars a bottle, please help me with good people!" The boy's big eyes filled with tears, and it was still a 10-year-old child. On the thin shoulders, carrying a huge burden that does not belong to him, facing his misfortunes, he has his weakness. First of all, the driver couldn't help it anymore. He took 10 yuan from his pocket and handed it to the boy. He only took two bottles of mineral water. The people around him also came up and handed over the money and handed it to the boy. The boy and the boy were full of gratitude, and the tears fell on his cheek. He kept saying: "Thank you, thank you, thank you..." I couldn't help but hand him the 20 yuan in his pocket and swear by his minerals. water. I am sorry for this boy in my heart, like knocking over the five-flavored bottle, the taste that can't be said now, the dark gray is covered by the warm colors of bright yellow. Later, I remember not quite sure, just remember that before I got off the bus, the boy was deeply stunned at everyone, saying: "Thank you all! You are all living Lei Feng, saved me and I got off the bus and paused. Then I walked off the car without going back. At this time, I found that the sky was blue like sapphire, not like the gray gray before going to the car. The sun is rising slowly
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