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ylq Oct 5
When you pick up a wallet, do you think of returning to the original owner? Do you think of the hard work of the cleaner when you drop the item? When you find someone who needs help somewhere, will you lend a helping hand? If Lei Feng was present, he would do everything he could to help others, and we must learn his spirit. In the afternoon, I went to the park to fish with my companions. At that time, the sun was shining, the fish all came out of the water and sun, one by one lazy, but also from time to time to tease the companion, spit a few bubbles to play. I can't stand it until I look at them without any precautions. "This is a good time to fish, go, come with me." With the pace of my companions, I quickly ran to the opposite pavilion, which is facing the center, the best terrain Cheap Cigarettes. Most of the fish are concentrated there. As soon as we arrived at the pavilion, we couldn��t wait to take out the fishing rod, for fear that the fish would see us going elsewhere. I stretched the line and put the bait on the hook. At this time, the classmate also laid a bucket of water and put it up. Everything is ready, I use the power of the pole to throw the bait away. Then sit next to chat with your classmates. Sure enough, as I expected, it took only ten minutes for the bell on the fishing rod to start to sway and send out. I immediately stood up and took the fishing rod and went to the recycling. The person who was next to the cold was surrounded by this situation Cigarettes For Sale. I want to see what it is. As I took the line and raised the rod mokingusacigarettes.com, I suddenly yanked it, and the hook was stuck on the shore of the net. The fish took the opportunity to get rid of the hook and shook his tail to the lower reaches of the water. I didn't forget to blow a bubble when I walked, as if laughing at my clumsy. The people next to them laughed and went one by one. I immediately blushed, so I was angry, my hand was pulled, and the hook card was tighter. "Hey, today is really unlucky. If the fish is not caught, you have to catch a fish hook? No matter what, first fish. I hooked up and kept playing with the fishing rod, but there was no ef
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